Interview with Dr. Roland Amoussou, aka “Dr. Salsa”

UNESCO International Dance Council Who’s Who,  founder of Salsa Concept® and Kizomba Concept™ and respected Salsa expert, Dr. Roland aka Dr. Salsa, chats with Sandy Lim about the Salsa, Kizomba and Afro-Latin dance movement in Asia and Colors of Latin Dance.


Sandy: You are known in the international Salsa dance community as Dr. Salsa. Can you tell us about how you got this nickname?


Dr. Salsa: It happened in Italy in year 2000. I was working as a legal expert for an international organization in Rome. I was quickly adopted by the vibrant and welcoming local Salsa and Afro- Latin dance community. I discovered that.... READ MORE

Salsa And Kizomba Dance Concepts. Exploring Tension, Syncopation And Hug

I had the opportunity to share some aspects of “Kizomba Concept” philosophy during a dance workshop organized on 27th March 2016 in Bali by “Salsa Amigos”. Participants came from all walks of life and from countries from the five Continents. The first challenge I had to address was how to effectively teach Kizomba, a dance from Angola, to a multi cultural group with a different approach to timing and rhythm, and also a different way of ambulation and expression of body moves. According to Martha Graham, the legendary modern dancer who is known as the Pablo Picasso of modern dance, the most important is not “what” kind of dance people do. For her what matters is “why” we dance and “how”, because dancing is the language of the soul of  the body. The purpose of this short article is to share my experience and some thoughts about the “Why” and “How” in Salsa and Kizomba dancing..... READ MORE

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